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I know just enough about music, like many other things, to be dangerous. I grew up listening to my grandparents easy listening and 40’s music. My dad was a huge country and western fan, and an excellent yodeler so the 50’s and early 60’s Country is in my blood.

In 1967 I discovered rock and roll, and it began a love affair that continues today. Like many of us, the music of our teenage years often becomes the music of our lives. Since then I’ve just about always had children around, having raised 7 of them over the past 39 years, so the world of popular music has never been far away. I also grew up in the Nazarene Church and gospel music from southern quartet style to many of the Christian rock artists are also in my repertoire. I played the trumpet in high school, tried to learn the piano, and play around now on the guitar so I’ve always been able to read music. I have directed church choirs but I have no formal music training. Added contemporary jazz along the way, as well, so you can see I have a large melting pot of musical interests.

Music and Musings is meant to be a collection of music posts among other things, each with a bit of history about the song or the artist. Most of these have appeared on my Facebook page. History has always been an interest, enough so that I started college to become a history teacher. Along the way I ended up in the medical field in radiology but still maintain a love for history and music history is a big part of that. I hope you enjoy the music and some of the other things I add, whether it be comics, or photography, or books, or other minutia. It won’t be the most polished blog out there, but I think you’ll be able to pick up on my love affair with all of it. To a musician, feedback isn’t what you want in the music, but it is what you want about it. Would love to hear from anyone who stumbles across this site. Thank you!


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