I find it interesting that among my first 50 posts there will be two songs with the identical title – “A Girl Like You” – somewhere I vaguely remember hearing this on the radio but I only found it again because it came up in the YouTube search when I was looking for The Young Rascals song of the same title (posted here somewhere). Didn’t know anything about Edwyn Collins so, of course, I went looking and here’s what I found:

Born in Edinborough, Scotland, Edwyn co-founded a band in 1976 called Nu-Sonics, 3 years later they changed their name to “Orange Juice”. Their first single was released in 1980 “Falling And Laughing”, it reached #48 in the short-lived UK Indies chart and the group would place 3 more songs on that chart before signing with Polydor Records, leaving the Indie charts behind.

The group would reach #8 in the UK charts with their biggest hit, “Rip It Up” in 1982. The group would disband in 1985 and Edwyn would start a solo career that would produce 8 UK charting songs from 1984 to 1997 and “A Girl Like You” was the biggest of the 8, reaching #4 in the UK and #32 in the States. In February of 2005, Edwyn suffered a pair of cerebral hemorrhages that affected his right side and his speech, it took 4 years of rehab before he was able to perform again. Working from his own studio label, AED Records, he has produced music for several English bands, as well as a solo album in 2013 entitled “Understated” and here’s an excellent cut from the album to close out this post “Too Bad (That’s Sad)”.