Ain’t Gonna Lie



It’s time for this afternoon’s “twin spin” 😉 From Keith (James Keefer) from Philadelphia. The first song was Keith’s initial foray onto the charts in 1966, it reached #39 and set up the next one – released in December of 1966 but considered a 1967 hit, “98.6” spent 14 weeks in the top 100, peaking at #7. I have always loved the song, even if it does fit well into the bubblegum mold that would take over a lot of rock & roll commercial music in the late 60’s. Arrested for draft evasion in the middle of a concert tour, Keith managed just two more charting singles before joining Frank Zappa’s touring band in 1973.

Good morning sun I say it’s good to see you shining!
I know my baby brought you to me.
She kissed me yesterday,
I know the silver lining
That’s been with summer running through me
Hey, ninety eight point six,
it’s good to have you back again.
oh, hey, ninety eight point six,
her lovin’ is the medicine that saved me,
Oh, I love my baby.
Hey, everybody on the street:
I see you smilin’,
Must be because I found my baby.
You know she’s got me on some other kind of highway,
I want to go to where it takes me!”