This song was my first musical Facebook post in 2009:

“Coming back from St. John listening to my late 60’s, early 70’s music that I play at maximum decibel level when Mary’s not around – she refers to a lot of it as “druggie music”. Here’s one that wasn’t a huge hit (11 weeks on Billboard’s top 100 peaking at #65 in February of 1972) but always makes my feet tap, and my head bob.

”The music has no sorrow, I bring it free and clear,
if you will accept, it will bring you…cheer!

By way of explanation, Mary is my wife and St. John is the New Brunswick, Canada version. Seven years ago I lived in Calais, Maine, now I hang my hat in Driggs, Idaho and that’s a story for another time.

Potliquor originated in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The author of the song was keyboardist and lead vocalist George Ratcliff. The group produced 4 albums of material but only managed this one charting single. They are now members of Louisiana’s Entertainment Hall Of Fame. After their breakup, George returned to his gospel roots in a group named Legacy.

The group’s name was derived from pot liquor, the broth left behind after cooking vegetables which was often drank or used in soups or stews.