It would be 1968 when I first kept a weekly survey of my own and “tabulated” a top 101 list at the end of each year from 1968 to 1972. If I had done one in 1967, this one would have been in the top 5, maybe even second only to The Young Rascals’ “A Girl Like You”. I’ve posted this a few times over the past 8 years so it’s no stranger to those who read and maybe listen to these posts. the week of August 5th, 1967, “Heroes And Villians” made it’s initial appearance on the Hot 100 and changed my opinion of Brian Wilson’s talent forever. Not really sure why thus song resonates with me so much, I’ve definitely played both parts in my life (hero and villain), at times I’ve “been in this town too long”, been healthy most of my life, wealthy and wise, probably not so much ?.

Below is a live version done by Brian Wilson in the early 2000s, a great example of Brian’s ability to put together a live show and capture the awesomeness of his talent and this song.