From Criminal Minds episode “Unusual Suspects” Season 7 episode 12. Still looking for a video to add here


Jennifer Jareau: Evanescence, Linkin Park, and Nickelback.
Derek Morgan: So Herman Scobie’s into that nu-metal goth stuff.
Jennifer Jareau: Yeah, and his tramp stamp probably spells out *Massengill*. This guy doesn’t ever have any Rage Against The Machine. I rock.
Dr. Spencer Reid: How old were you when you started listening to that band?
Jennifer Jareau: I was probably a teenager. Why?
Dr. Spencer Reid: You know, 14 is when we start to make our own musical choices. Our cognitive development evolves at that age and we start to form our own cultural identity.
Derek Morgan: We stop listening to the music that our parents put on and we start listening to the music that our friends listen to.
Dr. Spencer Reid: And those musical experiences imprint on us. Our hormonal surges as teenagers may make the choices seem more personal and passionate. And later on in life we might experiment with other musical selections, but no music ever impacts us as much as that which we listen to at age 14.
Jennifer Jareau: Herman Scobie’s what, 30?
Derek Morgan: If that.
Jennifer Jareau: Okay, so mid to late ’90s is when he started to take music seriously, stuff like this.
Derek Morgan: And the Piano Man’s songs were all early ’80s.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Which means the signature doesn’t fit. Herman Scobie’s too young to be the Piano Man.


I remember listening to this conversation and thinking it was interesting that Reid chose 14. I was 14 when I made the switch from my parents music, mostly my Dad’s Country music, to the rock and pop music of the day, that impacts what is contained in this blog, as you will notice. Many of the artists who were active in 1967 are favorites of mine, but even beyond that, the songs they released from mid 1967 through 1968 are usually my favorite songs by that artist or group (“Tuesday Afternoon, Forever Afternoon” – The Moody Blues, “To Love Somebody” – The Bee Gees, “Thank The Lord For The Nighttime” – Neil Diamond, just to name a few).


I have talked to others about this and it isn’t universal, I was the oldest of five, but I find that those who grew up with an older sibling hit this stage earlier as if on the coattails of that older sibling.