Jimmy Rankin is a well-known country artist in Canada, He is also a member of the famed Rankin Family from Mabou, Nova Scotia, winners of many Canadian music awards.  In 2004 or there about, I saw Jimmy in concert opening for John Prine in St. John, New Brunswick. At the time he had recorded two solo albums – Song Dog and Handmade. I was struck by his writing and singing skills and played those first 2 albums a lot. Since then he’s recorded 4 more country/folk albums and a Christmas album, which I want to feature in this post.  Among the 12 songs, there are the usual standards but there are 4 songs included that Jimmy wrote or co-wrote. The one above is “Boogie Woogie Christmas” a nice uptempo song co-written by Pat Conroy. The title song is more of an introspective look with the typical Rankin vocals. 

The third original is “December”, very reminiscent of “Northern Winds” a favorite cut off the Handmade’ album. Jimmy has a way with the wistful song, his voice lends itself well to giving you that nostalgic feeling when listening to some of his music.  The final cut from this album is another excellent song – “Don’t Want To Say Goodbye To Christmas Yet” and a great way to say we need to extend that Christmas spirit beyond the holiday. All in all, an excellent addition to the myriad of seasonal albums that show up each year.