As a recent oldie by the time I heard it in the summer of 1967, I loved it, it was unique and very catchy, but I never really appreciated it’s place in music history until I started reviewing the charts. “Winchester Cathedral” debuted on the charts on October 29th, 1966, spent 10 weeks in the top 10, 3 of those at #1, interrupted by The Beach Boys “Good Vibrations, which spent 3 weeks at #2, and Donovan’s “Mellow Yellow” which also spent 3 weeks at #2. That’s pretty heavy competition to have to be up against. The New Vaudeville Band only reached the charts 1 more time, the follow-up, “Peek-A-Boo” charted 3 months later, reaching #72. The group was actually studio musicians put together to do “Winchester Cathedral” and it’s success spawned a cobbled together group for touring. Not the last time that would happen in the rock era.