“You And Me” is an album cut from The Moody Blues “Seventh Sojourn” album. The Moodies are easily in the upper echelon of rock and roll groups for me and, if pressed hard, “You And Me” would be my final answer for the question (pun intended) of my favorite Moody Blues song. There are many others that are right there, including “Tuesday Afternoon, Forever Afternoon” which was the first answer to that question back in 1968. Justin Haywood and Graeme Edge collaborated to write this one and the lyrics speak deeply to me, especially the second verse:


“You’re an ocean full of faces
And you know that we believe
We’re just a wave that drifts around you
Singing all our hopes and dreams
We look around in wonder
At the work that has been done
By the visions of our father
Touched by his loving son”


For a long time I was not happy that The Moody Blues were not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, I’m happy to say that a year ago that oversight was rectified and they are now in their rightful place among the greats (and a few not so greats).