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Smell Of Incense – Southwest F.O.B.

Facebook post July 2009

Southwest F.O.B. from Dallas, Texas gave us “Smell of Incense” in October of 1968. Another entry in my druggie music hall of fame ? The surprising thing here is that the vocalist is Dan Seals and the keyboardist is John Coley. Later they would combine as England Dan & John Ford Coley and provide a number of “mellow” hits like “I’d Really Love to See You Tonight”, “Nights Are Forever Without You” and my favorite “It’s Sad To Belong”. Dan Seals had a string of #1 country hits in the mid-eighties, including “Bop”. And one last connection, Dan’s brother Jim Seals was the Seals in Seals & Croft. In 1968, I didn’t care about any of that, “Smell of Incense” was one of my favorite songs with that rolling keyboard melody used as background and between verses.

January 2017 – Still one of my very favorite songs, I did discover that the Southwest F.O.B. “swiped” this from the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, here is their version:

It has it’s own psychedelic feel to it with an extended instrumental section in the middle.

For more here’s the link to my podcast featuring Dan Seals

The Shape Of Things To Come – Max Frost & The Troopers


‎”Wild in the Streets” was the movie, Christopher Jones played the lead role of Max Frost. This song was made in-studio written by Barry Mann and produced by Mike Curb and released as a single by Max Frost & the Troopers. It spent 12 weeks on Billboard’s Top 100 in the Fall of 1968, peaking at #22. Less than 2 minutes long, but between the “revolutionary” theme and the hard hitting rock sound, it became a real favorite of mine. For more on the movie:

Wild In The Streets

Christopher Jones had been the lead in ABC’s Jesse James, which aired 34 episodes in 1964-65 and was involved with Sharon Tate before her death at the hands of the Manson family. He died at the age of 72 from gallbladder cancer.

San Francisco Girls (Return Of The Native)- Fever Tree

Summer of 1968 – what a great musical time! This is a single from a group from San Francisco called “Fever Tree” It is another of my “druggie music” Hall of Fame – It wasn’t a big hit – peaked at #91 and only hung around on the charts for 6 weeks but definitely fits those psychedelic times. and San Francisco seemed to be the epicenter of the hippie movement, a city immortalized in several songs of the time. (San Franciscan Nights – Animals, (If You’re Going To) San Francisco – Scott McKenzie…)

Fever Tree was originally The Bostwick Vines, they started in Houston, Texas. “San Francisco Girls (Return Of The Native)” was their only charting record, off a great LP self titled “Fever Tree”