“Give a Damn” was released as a single in the summer of 1968. In spite of being banned in several states because of the profanity in its title – and in some cases due to the fact that it was a comment on racial equality that became the theme song for the New York Urban Coalition – the song became a regional hit where released and overall made #43. I still like the expression of equality it preaches, no matter what group you attribute it to.

Spanky and Our Gang would be among my favorite groups of the late 60s, Built around Elaine “Spanky” McFarlane, this group bridges the gap between The Mamas And The Papas and The Manhattan Transfer. Great harmonies, folk-rock, jazz, and not taking themselves too seriously made this group so enjoyable listen to. The death of Malcolm Hale in late 1968 was pretty much the end of their 2 year run. They lost Lefty Baker 3 years later as well. I happen to own the LP that is pictured in this video. Their biggest hits were “Sunday Will Never Be The Same”, and “Like To Get To Know You”.

Spanky became the lead singer of the New Mamas & Papas in 1982