From Wikipedia: “Cherchez La Femme” (French for Seek the woman) is a song that was written and performed by Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band with lead vocals by Cory Daye in 1976. The music was written by band-leader and pianist Stony Browder Jr. and John Schonberger, Richard Coburn (né Frank Reginald DeLong; 1886–1952), and Vincent Rose; with lyrics by Browder Jr.’s brother and bassist August Darnell. The song’s full title is “Whispering”/”Cherchez La Femme”/”Se Si Bon” [sic]. Cherchez La Femme became the group’s biggest hit.”

If you asked me what my favorite song was from the disco era, this would easily be the choice. I just can’t sit still when this song comes on. The three song medley includes “Whispering”, a 1920 #1 song by Paul Whiteman and Se Si Bon” was a #8 hit for Eartha Kitt in 1953 as “C’est Is Bon”